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Teenage twins "SHOUT OUT" about friends death.
Find out what Rachelle and Brittany Davies from Glasgow are doing to honour their friends death...More


rod stewart Rod Stewart Backs two of my singing students
Rock legend Rod stewrat urged his twitter followers to buy the charity single "Shout Out" by two of my singing students twins Rachelle and Brittany Davies. In his tweet he write " A pleasure to see young talent giving something back. Purchase Glasgow's @Rach_Britt's first single and support @YoungMindsUK. Download


Do you know the secrets of how to succeed in the X-Factor?
It's not just about how good a singer you are!
Here's how to increase your chances of passing the audition...
To one of my students, Nadia Howard age seventeen from Glasgow for succeeding to get through to boot camp in X Factor yesterday (10th May 2009) out of almost ten thousand hopefuls.
She wowed judges with her performance of "You are so beautiful". She has worked hard with her vocal technique and deserves to make it to the top.

We all know that to win the X-Factor you have to be able to sing, but out of fifty thousand or more contestant throughout the U.K. how can you increase your chances of making it through the very first audition?

By far the most important thing is the ability to sing well. If you can't sing then there is no point in even attending the audition unless of course you are one of the people they use purely for entertainment value and the laughing stock of the nation.

So let's make it quite clear from the beginning that you have to be a good singer. So what other requirements do you have to have in order to succeed?

You can guarantee that out of the ten thousand or so that turn up for the auditions in your city, there will be some exceptionally good singers in amongst the jokers and others who THINK they can sing but couldn't hold a tune if their life depended on it.

At the first audition you will be confronted by some of the X-Factor staff who will take you into one of many of the isolation booths in order to evaluate your singing as well as other important factors, which we will look at later.

It is important to know at this stage that the people evaluating your singing are not Simon Cowell or any of the other judges who appear on the program. No, you have to get past a series of various producers in numerous auditions before you are allowed to appear in front of Simon and his associates.

The X-Factor team are not just looking for the best singer at these auditions and it should be remembered that instead, they are looking for good content for their TV show. I mean think how boring the show would be if they simply chose all the best singers to appear in front of the judges. People would get bored and simply change channels. Yes they want to have a good singer to win at the end of the competition but out of fifty thousand entrants they will get their good singer with no trouble.

Here's what they are looking for from each city they attend in order to make A GOOD ENTERTAINING TV SHOW!

They want a small selection of very good singers. Singers who are modest almost shy whom but with a real talent whom they can bring out the best in as the show progresses. What they don't want is some professional singer who has worked in every type of professional venue around the country. This would have no appeal to the public and make the program less interesting to the viewers.

They want someone who has an interesting story to tell and the more unusual the better. You will already have seen some examples of what I am talking about and I will refresh your memory.

There was the woman in the wheelchair who was a very good singer. This was something different and had not been seen before. It showed that the TV Company did not discriminate against anyone and was good content for the viewer.

There was the woman who's father had died and when she was sorting out his belongings after his passing she found the X-Factor application form which her dad had requested but never sent back to the X-Factor and hadn't mentioned it to anyone. Obviously her dad had wanted her to go in for the competition but never got around to sending off the application before his death. Again this is good emotional content for the viewers to feel compassion for this contestant and want to watch each week.

There was the father whose wife had just died after giving birth to their child and it had been her wish for her husband to be a successful singer. Again this along with this mature but boyish looks would have the appeal to the type of audience for X-factor.

None of the above were exceptionally good singers and yet they managed to gat their place in the final ten out of fifty thousand applicants and I am sure you can think of many more contestants who got through to the final stages who had equally good content stories.

Then there are the "muppets". These are made up from a few different people, some of them genuinely think they are the next Christine Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, James Morrison or Robbie Williams but cannot sing one note in tune. The problem with these people is that they are so confident in themselves they have never actually listened to themselves sing. There are the others who know deep inside that they can't really sing but it's worth a try or their friends had a bet that they would not apply. There are also the outrageous who are probably from some other planet and they just simply seek attention whether it is X-Factor, Big Brother or any other reality TV show they could manage to get on to.

There is one thing for sure every person motioned so far has their place in X-Factor and each will contribute equally the amount of entertainment value which they add to make the show a success.

I personally know quite a few exceptionally good singer who have been turned down at the very first audition and I know one person who is probably the worst singer I have ever heard who got through to the Simon Cowell auditions and he had to pass three auditions to get there. None of the people doing the auditions told him at any stage that he couldn't sing so this guy thought that because he kept getting through to the next stage that he was a good singer. He only realised when Simon and his team kept laughing at him and he saw the edited program go out on air that he was being made a fool of.

Remember X-Factor is a TV show and the object is for the company who produce it to make as much money as possible. They do this from companies taking advertising space (the adverts) and by people who phone in to vote for their favourite singer/group. They get lots of people voting by getting lots of people watching and they get lots of people watching by making the show ENTERTAINING!

I hope this has given you some insight into what the X-Factor team require from applicants and it is important to remember that if you want to be recognised for your singing ability then you better make sure you prepare your voice and get the best from it.

Good luck if you are going to audition for the X-Factor 2009 and maybe you can let me know how you got on. If you require any help in getting the best from your voice please read below.

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